A Proven Fighter for Working Families

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“I have fought for Maryland’s values of fairness and inclusiveness, and to build a stronger community – even when it is not easy. I’m going to keep fighting for fairness in Congress.

I know you share my deep disappointment with Congress these days. It will not be easy to fix, but we’ve got to step up to the task. I rolled up my sleeves and did the hard work to get more than 50 bills into law in Maryland — important laws that protect people against discrimination, improve health care, protect the Chesapeake Bay, fund our public schools, and promote sustainable transportation. I did it by listening to my constituents, talking to stakeholders from all sides, and building coalitions of supporters who back reasonable solutions. I will do the same for you in Congress.”

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10 thoughts on “A Proven Fighter for Working Families

      1. A great Leader who understand the needs of her community, with great respect for individual success, and team work. She does not only speak, but acts on her word. I pray you will be successful. You belongs in Congress.

  1. Joseline is a real leader for her community, she is experience but her passion never decrease, always is like she is starting her career . She visit people, ask how she can help them and created an important and strong network. If we have leaders like her our future and our family future will be better, not doubt. Thanks Joseline for you hard work. We need to support her, like she always support us.

  2. If you want responsive representation and amazing constituate services,Vote Joseline. If you are female in district 4 and want to be effectively represented in Congress,
    Vote Joseline. If you want your congressperson to have actually passed meaningful legislation in the past 8 years Vote Joseline, she effectively passed over 50 Pieces of legislation since being elected to the house of delegates.

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