A Proven Fighter for Working Families

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“I have fought for Maryland’s values of fairness and inclusiveness, and to build a stronger community – even when it is not easy. I’m going to keep fighting for fairness in Congress.

I know you share my deep disappointment with Congress these days. It will not be easy to fix, but we’ve got to step up to the task. I rolled up my sleeves and did the hard work to get more than 50 bills into law in Maryland — important laws that protect people against discrimination, improve health care, protect the Chesapeake Bay, fund our public schools, and promote sustainable transportation. I did it by listening to my constituents, talking to stakeholders from all sides, and building coalitions of supporters who back reasonable solutions. I will do the same for you in Congress.”

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7 thoughts on “A Proven Fighter for Working Families

      1. A great Leader who understand the needs of her community, with great respect for individual success, and team work. She does not only speak, but acts on her word. I pray you will be successful. You belongs in Congress.

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